What is ANONmode?

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ANONmode is a collection of 1,259 unique, aesthetic, algorithmically-generated collectibles with references from streetwear, music, anime, games, memes, movies, and more. We are just getting started and cannot wait to build the ANONmode world with you. Find your true self in the metaverse!


In the distant future, humans cross a grave line and lose their identities to monsters released by the Pandora Box. But the metaverse has given them a final chance. Now, 1,259 ANONs must fight to regain their identities on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Drawing power from their unique clothing, items, and class, ANONs wage one last war for themselves.  The clock is ticking. The monsters are nearing. Will we find ourselves or stay anonymous forever? 


All ANONs have a mode, and some are rarer than others. They start as humans but mutations have occurred as ANONs lose their identities, some losing their humanity faster than others. 




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Humanity had reached its golden age. It was a time of peace and joy. As humans surpassed their own limitations, the evolution of their species was within their grasp. They had been striving to cure something that humans had been in fear of since the beginning of time, death. The next step of the species evolution, life eternal. Some speculate that the universe saw this, realizing humanity had become too powerful causing it to release something hellish on Earth. Others believe it was an experiment by scientists who had become too greedy. The truth had been lost long ago, stolen by the nightmares. Creatures that spread across the world, devouring the people and the identities they held. Having evolved since they were released, they are now an unstoppable force, growing in strength and intelligence each day. Fighting back as best they could, military forces were mobilized worldwide as the nation's agreed to a ceasefire. An extinction-level event was amongst them. The world's greatest minds came together to create a final trump card. They shred apart the work that had created eternal life, shaping the energy around clothing and weapons, creating the first versions of augmented gear. Given to the remaining armed forces, they were able to achieve their first victory. Killing a nightmare. Hundreds of men and women had fallen; in return, one nightmare was slain and brought back to be studied. After this, nightmares would begin to adapt rapidly, growing scales as thick as a tank, making most augmented firearms useless. Their claws and teeth were covered in a metal alloy, allowing them to easily shred through the augmented armor. A glimmer of hope was found as doctors could take pieces of the nightmares, augmenting the first human, the first cyborg. They were the only beings capable of killing the nightmares. Super soldiers who reclaimed a city in just a matter of weeks. They would build a wall that stretched to the sky and was miles thick. Finally, taking back a part of the Earth. However, the drawback of becoming a cyborg was having your identity stolen, much like the nightmares did. Doctors claimed it to be necessary for the success of humanity. Still, most cyborgs viewed themselves as higher life forms, only fighting for themselves. Abandoning their creators, some took their creators' lives in a fit of rage from wanting their humanity back. They created a large tower in the city's center, living comfortable, relaxed lives. Humans below them would struggle with starvation and a new and highly contagious disease, causing paranoia, extreme fear, and dehydration. So much that a fifth of the remaining population of humans succumbed to it. Humanity, which ruled the planet for generations, had now been backed into a small corner of their kingdom. Millenniums spent as the species grew and evolved, only to become the most endangered species, five months after the nightmares had appeared. Living comfortably inside their walls for the coming year, until the nightmares evolved again. Attacking the wall relentlessly for months until they were finally able to breakthrough. As the wall broke, sounds of the metal being shredded, like a thousand car wrecks, echoed across the city. The humans fled inward as they cowered around the tower, begging the cyborgs to save them. Answering the people's pleas, thousands of cyborgs deployed, allowing the humans to take shelter in the tower's lower levels. Nightmares had become much stronger and more durable than the weeks they fought to reclaim the city. However, the cyborgs still held more power and began to fend off the invasion for a time. Until the demons came. Nightmares had taken the bodies of humans, morphing them into humanoid nightmares. They had dark grey skin, glowing eyes devoid of emotion, and blade-like tails that could easily cut a person in two. They were more intelligent and could heal and evolve the nightmares at rapid rates. Overwhelmed by the power of a single demon, most of the cyborgs retreated, abandoning the humans that remained. Only ten of the hundreds of cyborgs decided to stay, refusing to abandon their home or humanity. Standing around the tower, refusing to allow the nightmares to enter. They combined their bodies, creating an energy field. It forced out anything that wasn't a human or cyborg as it stretched through the city. Though in ruins the city had remained at only half of its original size. The nightmares sat at its border, attacking, but the field was like water. Morphing around their claws, holding its shape. Every day they would watch as nightmares searched outside the field, finding people who attempted to hide. The demon's numbers would grow each day. Cyborgs had returned, reclaiming their positions at the top of the tower, threatening anyone who spoke against them. Trapped within the walls, the hope humanity had would begin to fade. Until a new phenomenon emerged. The ANON project. Two travelers had approached the tower from beyond the gate. Nightmares would snarl and glare at them but never attack. Entering the force field, they approached the overcrowded tower. Cyborgs deployed, stopping them before they entered. The traveler removed an emerald box from his bag. He explained its chance to save humanity. He looked to the cyborgs, who nodded their approval, as he opened the box. Light danced from inside as it filled the skies above them. The first aurora borealis to take place during the day. He explained that the box created the nightmares but was shut before offering the last of the treasures inside. Hope. Hope that laid in the darkness for years as humans struggled, now gifted to the remnants of the species. At that moment, evolution had occurred like the demons and nightmares the day of the invasion. The light enveloped each cyborg and human as their health and life were restored. Changing, as they became something more. This would be the beginning of how ANON's would take back Earth. Under the command of the leader of the Seekers and general. They would take back their lives and their planet.